International Congress on Accessibility at Smart Tourism Destinations

from 9 to 30 of november

20 webinars on Accessibility and Tourist Intelligence.

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The concept of the Smart Tourist Destination (STD) is a relatively new one, but one which has become a strategically important differentiating factor in such a competitive sector as tourism. Moreover, it provides destinations who aspire to be considered as such with an opportunity to create places where technology, people and settings come together, striking a balance.

The term “Smart cities” used to encompass technology, sustainability and efficiency, with people very much on a secondary level, until UNE standard 178501,

fostered by the Spanish Secretariat of State for Tourism, and written with the participation of public and private tourism entities, and civil organizations, included accessibility as one of the primary foundations for tourist destinations wishing to be accredited as “smart”. The creation of this standard in Spain has meant that accessibility has been seen as a business opportunity for the private sector, a competitive advantage for destinations, and advocates regulatory compliance by default so that many people can exercise their basic rights.

The 2nd TUR4all Congress wants to disseminate the Smart Destination Spanish model to address accessibility, that results in benefits to both residents and visitors. It will be an online event focusing on the exchange of knowledge and expertise in managing and promoting accessibility among those managing tourist destinations in the Region of Valencia, locations that are part of the Spanish Network of Smart Tourism Destinations, as well as foreign destinations. It aims to generate and share expertise that will inspire destination managers, providing them with the tools to further implement accessibility in their territories.


To understand the social changes and economic challenges of accessible tourism following COVID-19 without losing sight of the needs of residents and visitors.

Access expert knowledge

Learn about implementing accessibility in different areas of tourism.

Take part in the debate

Consider the contribution of accessibility to smart tourism.

Networking opportunity

Create a network of professionals determined to improve accessibility at their destinations.

Shine the spotlight on best practices

Learn about the successes and failures of measures implemented in other destinations.


  • Spanish subtitles
  • Spanish Sign Language Interpreting
  • English-Spanish simultaneous translation
  • The event will consist of 6 webinars per week, over four weeks each one lasting 90 minutes.
  • Webinars start on 9 November and continue through to 30 November, with two daily sessions, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Second webinar: Mon, Wed and Fri from 12:30 to 14:00 (Madrid), 13:30 h (Athens), 5:30 am (Ciudad de Mexico), 6:30 am (Montréal), 7:30 am (Buenos Aires / Santiago de Chile)
  • Segundo seminario web:Mon, Wed and Fri from 14:00 to 15:30 (Madrid), 15:00 h (Athens), 7:00 am (Ciudad de México), 8:00 am (Montréal), 9:00 am (Buenos Aires / Santiago de Chile)
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9 November

Official opening by dignitaries.

12:15 h – 12:30 h

Smart Tourism Destinations and Accessibility Management (Introduction by INVATTUR, PREDIF & SEGITTUR).

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Best practices in the management and promotion of accessibility at national destinations.

14:00 h – 15:30 h

11 November

Accessibility criteria for ICT tools to promote tourism.

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Accessibility best practices at tourism offices.

14:00 h – 15:30 h

13 November

Accessibility best practices at sun, sand and sea destinations

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Accessibility best practices at inland destinations.

14:00 h – 15:30 h

16 November

Normalisation in accessible Tourism. New ISO/DIS 21902 Tourism and related services. Accessible Tourism for All. Requirements and recommendations. (UNE, UWNTO & Fundación ONCE)

12:30 h – 14:00 h

ICT solutions to improve communication and customer service at tourism establishments.

14:00 h – 15:30 h

18 November

Tourist signposting and directions in urban settings (including ICTs that facilitate mobility).

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Accessibility best practices in urban destinations.

14:00 h – 15:30 h

20 November

Accessibility best practices in urban public transport.

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Accessibility best practices in MICE tourism.

14:00 h – 15:30 h

23 November

Accessibility best practices in accommodation and restaurants.

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Accessibility management best practices in establishments offering complementary services and products

14:00 h – 15:30 h

25 November

Accessibility best practices in active tourism businesses.

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Accessible tourism insignias and certifications.

14:00 h – 15:30 h

27 November

Accessibility best practices in theatres and shows.

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Accessibility best practices in cultural and natural heritage

14:00 h – 15:30 h

30 November

Best practices to promote accessibility in destinations.

12:30 h – 14:00 h

Employment and entrepreneurship of people with disabilities in tourism.

14:00 h – 15:30 h



  • Tur4all Turismo Accesible
  • Predif Plataforma Representativa Estatal de Personas con Discapacidad Física
  • Comunitat Valenciana L'exquisit mediterrani
  • Destinos turísticos inteligentes comunitat valenciana


  • Secretaría de estado de turismo
  • Red de Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes
  • European Network for Accesible Tourism
  • A fair and sustainable tourism for all
  • Turismo Inclusivo Revista digital Latinoamericana

  • Accesisible portugal
  • Fundación ONCE


The Region of Valencia Tourist Board is a leader in the deployment of the STD Model in Spain. Since 2014, the Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies (INVATTUR) has been developing the Valencia Region Smart Tourism Destinations (DTI CV) project to define the smart tourism destination model, and to set out the strategic guidelines to adapt the Region of Valencia’s tourism innovation system to the development of the STD.

PREDIF, the Spanish Representative Platform for People with Physical Disabilities, is a Spanish state approved non-profit organisation that represents, runs programmes and promotes activities on behalf of more than 100,000 people with physical disabilities.

PREDIF is presently acknowledged as a benchmark for accessible tourism, chairing the Inclusive Tourism and Leisure Commission of CERMI (Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities), and its accessibility protocols and criteria have the consensus of the entire disability sector.

Since 2002, PREDIF has run an Inclusive Tourism programme through which it works to raise awareness, training, consultancy and research into accessibility and customer care for individuals with a variety of different needs in tourism and leisure activities, in collaboration with public entities, foundations and private companies from the sector.

TUR4all, “Accessible Tourism for All”, is a collaborative platform (mobile application and website) created by PREDIF with the support of the Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism. Its objective is to provide accurate and updated information on the accessibility of hotels, restaurants, museums and monuments, natural spaces, beaches, adapted transport, destinations and experiences, among others. Those with the best accessibility conditions obtain the TUR4all insignia.

It is available in 11 languages (Spanish, Catalan, Valencian, Galician, Basque, Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian and Chinese), and its purpose is to provide people with accessibility needs with a higher degree of confidence when it comes to planning their vacations.

On this platform, both users and experts can evaluate, assign a score and add comments on the accessibility of tourist establishments. It is currently established in Spain and Portugal, and other countries are expected to join soon.

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